Urban Series Edge Troughs

Instant Architectural Drainage

Edge Trough is the only modular stainless steel channel drainage system which incorporates both a horizontal and vertical tile flange incorporated into the base channel trough. We manufacture our channel grates from Premium 316 Grade Stainless Steel for the ultimate durability and offer a 5 year Guarantee on all of our manufactured products.

Edge trough is a stock line modular system that eliminates any time delays on site as it can be modified on site to suit any changes to run length and outlet location. It is easily shortened or lengthened on site by the tiler, the kits come complete with all the items required to assemble them including a stainless steel cutting disc.

Installation Kit Includes

• 316 Grade Stainless Steel Heelguard Grate
• Edge Trough Base Channel with tile flanges – 1215mm, 1500mm or 2440mm long to suit all grate options
• Stainless steel folded end caps (2 per kit)
• Stainless steel horizontal flange end cap
• Stainless steel vertical flange end cap
• Outlet plate 100mm long with spigot outlet sized in either 44mm or 74mm diameter


After choosing the width and style of grate, measure the length of the channel run and outlet location(more than one can be installed on longer channel if required). Simply cut the channel with the cutting disc provided taking into consideration the length and style of the end caps. Now, using a tungsten carbide hole saw to drill the outlet hole. Now file the sharp edges smooth. Glue the outlet and end caps into position using the fast set epoxy glue, then seal with the silicone. Finally measure and cut the grate to suit the finished assembled trough.